Are you crafting crazy? If so, we are moving in to your most active time of year. Christmas is on the horizon and the opportunities for indulging your craft-loving side are legion. If you have to keep your crafting habit under wraps for most of the year, it’s great to know that at Christmas time you can really let your creative hobby loose and focus on all manner of inspirational projects. Read on for some tips to help make the upcoming craft bonanza a seasonal sensation…

Great greeting cards

Don’t make the easy, predictable (and cheapskate!) move of sending email Christmas greetings this year, push the boat out and put some effort and love into your seasonal message. Hand crafted Christmas cards are a joy to receive and the time and care they take to make reflects your appreciation of the recipient. Whatever design you select, whether it’s dancing snowmen or a traditional nativity scene, a jolly Christmas card always prompts a smile. Be sure to get your Christmas art and craft supplies in early so that there is enough time to focus on getting the designs absolutely perfect. With a huge range of Christmas card blanks, paper, die cutting and embossing tools, stamps and punches available at art and craft supplies online, it’s easy to produce professional looking cards that impress. Flex your crafting muscles and get out the card making tools and kits and start preparing for a Christmas card creating bonanza.

Beautiful blanks

To create a unique, one-off gift for someone special, consider buying ready- for-art blanks. Unadorned versions of trinket boxes, plaques and other desirable gift items can be decorated and embellished to your own design. Craft suppliers have a range of blanks to jazz up with your personal modifications. Let your creative style run wild and put together festive presents that are unique but will not break the bank.

Boxed delight

Enhance a special gift by packaging it in a crafted box decorated with special decals and details. The giving of jewellery or other personal gifts in a bespoke box, turns an unwrapping into an event. With so many different styles and ways of customising such gift boxes, crafters can have a fun time exploring the possibilities.

Decorations that deliver

Nothing beats a Christmas scene complete with twinkling well-dressed tree and a room festooned with decorations. Whether it’s silk flowers for table decorations or festive wreaths, tree baubles or paper chains and tinsel tracking across the ceiling, crafts help turn up the Christmas dazzle. Why buy in mass-produced, charmless Christmas decorations when you can create your own, unique versions with just a little imagination and some basic craft supplies? Source plain paper mache blank decorations in star, cone and diamond shapes. Once given your signature designer treatment, they are guaranteed to set your tree aglow with artisanal style.

Picture perfect

A decorated picture frame makes a perfect Christmas gift for anyone. An image of a beloved child, pet or grandparent can be inserted into any blank frame which is then painted, covered or bejewelled with craft supplies such as beads, stickers, glitter, decoupage etc. Big or little, bold and bright or soft and subtle, a picture frame captures special moments forever in style. An original, timeless and thoughtful gift for anyone.

It’s a wrap

A Christmas tree surrounded by beautifully gift wrapped presents is a joy to behold. Luxurious gift wrapping is so much cheaper and more personal when you stamp your own paper and decorate your own gift tags. Whether it’s soft velvet ribbon or rustic rattan cord that secures your parcels, with the crafty approach present wrapping can be given the super-sophisticated treatment.

Pretty and punchy

Punch above your weight with seasonal paper and card punches that can be applied in many different ways. Decorate seasonal cards for place settings at the festive table. Cut out a snowflake design on a party invitation or stamp out a pine tree detail for a festive menu card – once you’ve got the tools for the job,  (punches and stamps), you can use them year in, year out.

Nothing beats receiving handmade, beautifully crafted items at Christmas. Whether it’s a greetings card, a personal gift made for a special someone or a simple tree decoration – when it’s made with your hands, it’s made with love. So unleash your inner craft-crazy Christmas elf and start working on some memorable gifts to show your love for family and friends…