To give us advice on clothing today the beautiful actress of Glee, Amber Riley, known to the public following the series so fashionable in the States as Mercedes Jones, a teenager from a spectacular singing voice of colour. The young actress, in spite of its forms, has managed to carve out a space in the important series, becoming a reference point for fashion and trends and teaching to appreciate it with the same ease with which she appreciates her beautiful body. So here are the tips for clothing for the summer aimed mainly at girls in the flesh.

As we all know, the dictates of fashion of the period include the flowery patterns and colour celebrated to the nth degree and valued even in fluorescent colours more eccentric. Amber Riley teaches us how even a few extra pounds does not necessarily have to be forced to dress always and only in black. Let’s see how.

As you can see in the pictures in the gallery, maintaining healthy & wrinkle-free skin in summer is as important as wearing the right clothes. The vitality and zest for life of this extraordinary model are the obvious and important things, once she chooses a black outfit, among other things, a coordinated very sensually which provides a bodice with black leather shrugs and skinny pants which rush the image thanks to high heels: a nice way to forget the labels and models that we see every day on TV!

The other outfits are all pointing to the colour and one is the best: long dresses or shorts in warm shades and glamorous, coordinated t-shirts and shorts are also colourful and embellished with accessories and shoe styles equally eccentric.

Because beauty is not what you see, but what you choose to see, right?