Looking for the greatest curly hairstyles for guys with taper fades? See our top 15 choices for low-taper fade haircuts to keep your curls looking fashionable and crisp. There is a Taper Fade Curly Hair for everyone, from traditional cuts to contemporary looks. We have everything you need, whether you want a low-maintenance cut or something that will highlight your curls. Below are the best 15 men’s Taper Fade Curly Hair .

Short curly hair with a low taper fade

One of the most common haircuts for males is the taper fade. Additionally, a taper fades and curly hair together provide a look that is both fashionable and simple to manage.

For males with curly hair, a low taper fade is a fantastic alternative. This haircut is adaptable and may be worn both officially and informally. The best aspect is that it requires few ingredients and is simple to style.

Consider having a low taper fade with curly hair if you’re searching for a new haircut. It is a chic choice that will keep you appearing professional all day.

Curly hairstyle with a low fade

If you have curly hair and want to style it in a way that is neat and fashionable, low-taper fades are a perfect choice. The curly hair will give you some added volume and texture, while the low taper fade will assist to keep your hair appearing clean and neat. This design is ideal for those who wish to flaunt a smart and refined appearance.

tangled, curly hair with a low fade

Finding the ideal hairdo may be difficult for people with curly hair. Curly hair may be styled in a plethora of ways, not all of which suit every type of curl. Finding a style that complements your hair type and looks well on you is therefore crucial.

The low taper fades with curly hair is a trendy and simple-to-maintain hairstyle. Anyone with curly hair who wants a low-maintenance hairdo should try this look.

Start by fading your hair down from the temples to achieve the desired effect. After that, apply a product to shape and define your curls. You have two options for drying your hair: using a diffuser or letting it air dry. When your hair is dry, style it into place with a pick or your fingers.

Anyone with curly hair who wants a low-maintenance hairdo should try this look. It’s a fantastic alternative for people with curly hair that’s challenging to style. This style is simple to accomplish with the appropriate products and little effort.

With a Low Taper Fade and Long Curly Hair

decreases in taper Men’s curly haircuts are growing in popularity as more men realize how hip and fashionable they can be. Reduce the amount of hair on the sides and back while keeping a full head of curly hair on top by using the low taper fade. Guys with thick, curly hair look particularly beautiful in this faded hairstyle. Ask your barber for a low taper fade on the sides and back with long curly hair on top to get the appearance.

Pompadour with a little taper at the back and sides

Men with curly hair frequently opt for the low taper fade. The sides and back of this hairdo have a low fade that tapers to the skin. The pompadour is a traditional men’s hairstyle that looks great on a wide range of hair types and lengths. The front of the head has to be given volume if you want to pull off this haircut. Using a product that will give your hair some grip and texture is the best method to do this. We advise applying pomade or wax for this specific hairdo.

Low-cut, curly Afro with a gradual fade

Curly hair may be styled in a variety of ways, but one of the most well-liked is the low taper fade with a curly afro. For people who wish to wear their hair short while still showcasing their natural texture, this look is ideal. The low taper fade will aid in keeping the frizz under control and the hair appearing clean. Use a high-quality curl-defining cream to assist highlight your hair’s natural texture before styling it into this style. After that, dry the hair using a diffuser to add more volume. To maintain the style, use a little hold gel towards the end.

Low-taper faded hairstyle with a curl

One of the most fashionable and popular haircuts for guys is the curly mohawk with a short taper fade. For people with curly hair who want to give their appearance a little bit of edge, this hairstyle is ideal. The nicest thing about this hairstyle is that it is simple to accomplish and doesn’t need any specialized styling tools or methods.

The low taper fade haircut is the first thing you need to acquire this appearance. By doing this, you may give the appearance of having a mohawk without shaving your head. After getting the haircut, you’ll need to style your hair into the appropriate shape using a high-quality hair gel or pomade. To assist you get the ideal appearance, use your fingers or a comb.

You may always tint your hair a different colour if you want to give your appearance a little bit more edge. This will offer you a distinctive look and truly make your hairdo stand out. For a more dimensional appearance, you may also add some highlights or lowlights to your hair.

You’re guaranteed to draw attention and receive praise no matter how you decide to style your low-taper curly mohawk. Those who wish to stand out and be unique can try this haircut. Therefore, if you’re seeking a fresh, modern hairdo, give this a try.

Short, curly, and tapered to the sides

A sleek and contemporary haircut for guys is a low taper fade with curly fringe. The curly fringe adds a dash of texture and flair, while the low taper fade gives off a neat, precise appearance. For guys who desire a sleek, contemporary hairdo that is simple to maintain, this hairstyle is ideal.

Low Taper Fade with Curly Side Part

You can’t go wrong with a curly side part with a low taper fade if you’re seeking a fashionable and contemporary hairdo. For men who wish to enhance their appearance with a little style but without going overboard, this haircut is ideal.

This hairstyle’s greatest feature is its versatility in terms of styling. It’s up to you whether you want to wear it smooth and straight or add some volume with some curls. Additionally, you may always experiment with other products and style methods if you want to switch up your appearance.

Start by putting a product in your damp hair to achieve the desired effect. To assist define your curls and provide some grip, we advise applying a curl cream or gel. After using your product, dry your hair using a diffuser. When your hair is dry, style it into place with a pick or your fingers.

Use a flat iron to straighten out your curls for a sleek, straight appearance. Use a curling iron to make loose waves if you want to add a little volume to your hair. And if you really want to go all out, you can make large, bouncy curls with hot rollers.

Regardless matter the aesthetic you go for, a little hairspray can help keep everything in place. Additionally, you may apply a shine serum or oil to add a little more radiance.

Low Taper Fade with a Curly Top Knot

The sleekness of a low taper fade and the whimsical quality of curly hair are combined in a hairstyle known as the curly top knot with a low taper fade. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to add a little uniqueness to their appearance without losing any of the quality of a traditional taper fade.

Start by fading your hair down from a high point on the sides and back to get the desired effect. You may set the fade as low or high as you desire, but to properly highlight those curling top knots, we suggest keeping it quite low. It’s time to arrange those curls into knots once you get the perfect fade. Depending on whatever method you find most convenient, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to do this.

To keep those top knots in place if your hair is extremely long, you might need to add a little product. Applying a light-hold gel or mousse evenly throughout the hair is advised. Simply tie your hair into knots at the top of your head once you’ve applied your product. Depending on the appearance you want, you may make them as big or as little as you wish.

Add some hairspray as a finishing touch to hold everything in place. That’s all, then! Stylish and simple to wear, the curly top knot with a low taper fade is ideal for any occasion.

Low Taper Fade with a Curly Faux Hawk

Curly faux hawks with low taper fade are among the most often adopted hairstyles for those with curly hair. For people who wish to flaunt their curls while still retaining a sophisticated and manly image, this style is ideal.

Starting with a low taper fade is the best method to get this appearance. Your curls will truly shine out because to the clean, crisp appearance this will assist to achieve. You may start styling your hair into a curly faux hawk once the low taper fade is in place.

You must first add some product to your damp hair before styling it into a curly faux hawk. To assist create the desired effect, apply a mousse or curl enhancer. After using the product, you will need to dry your hair using a diffuser. When your hair is completely dry, you may begin to style it into a curly faux hawk.

Apply some hairspray to assist keep your hair in place to complete the appearance. To assist define your curls and give them a wonderful sheen, you may also add a little gel.

Low Taper Fade with a Curly Slick Back

The low taper fade is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked men’s curly hairstyles. This specific look is created by leaving the top of the hair longer and progressively shortening it in the back. The end result is a sleek and fashionable appearance that any guy with curly hair would love.

The low taper fade’s adaptability to any type of curly hair is one of its greatest features. This hairstyle will work for you regardless of whether your hair is curly, wavy, or coiled. Additionally, you may always ask your barber to give you a slight lift at the crown if you want to add a little height to your appearance.

Visit a respected barber or stylist to acquire the ideal low-taper fade. They will be able to give you the precise appearance you desire and make sure it lasts the entire day.

A low taper fade and designs on a curly mohawk

A fashionable and edgy style to wear your hair is in a low taper that fades the curly mohawk with patterns. To get this appearance, shave the sides of your head extremely short while leaving the top longer. The sides are then faded down, and the top is fashioned into a mohawk. You may choose to customise this appearance with or without designs. Try adding some decorations to the sides of your head if you want to give your appearance a little more flare. This is a wonderful method to display your personality and sense of flair.

With designs and a low taper fade, the faux hawk is curly.

Curly hair can be difficult to style, but the perfect haircut can transform the entire look. For people with naturally curly hair, low taper fades with curly hair are a fantastic choice. Your hair will seem more polished and less frizzy thanks to the taper fade. The patterns give the appearance a whimsical and chic touch.


It’s clear that a low taper fade opens up a wide variety of styling options. A more contemporary aesthetic can provide some flair while maintaining a plain appearance. Whatever you decide, you’ll look fantastic!