Life on earth depends on 70% of water but it’s evident that not all of this is useful for drinking. To make water pure you need a purifier and for that, you can contact, Eureka Forbes’s customer care number in Chennai.

In these recent days, the amount of drinking water for humans is shrinking and the question of purity is rising every day, and that is because of the various water-borne disease that is affecting so many people on earth. However, there are so many ways you can get purified water for drinking and cooking purposes, and by using one of them, you will have fewer threats looming over your and your family’s health. Here we have pointed out the ways for your help.

  • Boiled water

If you want a good amount of pure water in your house you can surely make use of boiled water. Boil the water in your household on a high flame and then drain the same out of the sediments, and you will get pure water for drinking and for other house purposes. This type of water is also recommended for kids in your home too, as they will be less affected by water-borne diseases and other types. Just remember one thing, and that is to cool the water before you drink it.

  • Filtering

Filtration is another easy way to purify water and for that, you will get filter paper from the market. You just need to filter the drinking water put a filter over the glass and drain the fluid over it in the glass, and there you will get the purified water. However, this process is not a foolproof process of filtering, and in this way, the unseen particles of chemicals and other things still stay inside the water.

  • Use of chlorine

If you are traveling outside and you have no proper system for water purification, then you must use chlorine drops in the water in order to purify it. You must have heard about the water purification methods guides often tells the tourists and that definitely includes chlorine, and thus, you can always have a small vial of the same and use it to purify the drinking water.

  • Distilled water

This type of water is made from vaporized water and can be found in labs. You might get this type of water in a bottle but they are a little expensive too, thus, sticking to a water purifier is always the best one.

  • Clay pot water

So many people believe in storing water in a traditional style and that is in a clay pot. If you put the drinking water in the same a porous vessel will be able to suck the soil and other hard elements from it and give you cool and pure water at the same time.

  • Water purifier

This is the best option for getting the best and pure water for drinking and other household work, as it filters out every single harmful element from the water and no other type is a competition with it.

Take note of the above-mentioned points and lastly know that a water purifier will give you all the satisfying results if you are looking for purified drinking water.