Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove your unwanted ink. However, it is not instant, and we understand that this can be frustrating. Some tattoos take longer to remove than others, and between sessions, we need to give the area time to heal and let the immune system kick in and work its magic. So here are eight ways you can help speed up the process when working with our tattoo removal London clinic team.

Hydrate well

You can support your immune system by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water. It helps flush out the toxins that are part of the tattoo removal process as the body breaks down the ink pigment. Water also keeps the skin healthy, which is a bonus.

Feed Your Immune System

Another great way to help the body is to eat foods that boost the immune system. Vitamin E is a great way to do this and can be found in almonds. Also, barley and oats contain beta-glucan, a known antioxidant that helps speed things up for your immune system.

Get Moving

You may not go to the gym regularly or run every day, but it is good to get a little exercise when you are waiting for your tattoo removal area to heal. This can be as simple as going for a 30 min walk each morning. It does help as exercise is another excellent way to boost the immune system.

Sleep Tight

Once you have fed, watered and exercised the immune system, you need to give your body some time to rest. Sleep is crucial for health and the lack of good rest can cause all sorts of problems, including the body, becoming prone to infection and being unable to fight off bacteria.

Stay In The Shade

The area of skin exposed to the laser removal is damaged and therefore needs to heal. A burn on top of this can lead to delays in recovery, but more worryingly, studies have shown that melanin in the skin can make it much harder for the laser to break up the ink. For a period before, during and after your treatment, avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo area.

No Smoking

Chemicals entering the body can hinder the process, and smoking damages the results. The success of laser tattoo removal can reduce by up to 70% in patients who are smokers.

Look After The Skin

After your session, we will give you aftercare advice, and it is imperative that you follow these instructions. The first 48 hours are crucial, and the area needs to be kept cool and dry. Avoid swimming, sauna, perfume, moisturisers and tight clothes.

Stick To The Plan

We plan your removal to get you the best results, so it is essential that you stick to the schedule. Sessions must be around six weeks apart and cannot be closer together. Don’t push the process, as the results won’t be as good as you hoped.