A child’s secondary school experience will shape them for life. Friends they make, teachers they love or hate, the exam results they achieve; these will all affect their future prospects and attitudes.

It is vital, therefore, that your child is as happy as possible in whichever secondary school (or schools) they attend. In west London, parents could do worse than consider Park Academy West London when choosing a west London secondary school. This is a modern coalition of schools with uniform, free school meals for qualifying students, an academic mentoring programme and a clear set of values to which students are expected to adhere. The Academy specialises in the creative application of science and maths subjects while providing an all-round educational curriculum including opportunities for PE, Art and Performing Arts, Music and Film Studies, among other subjects.

Of course, if your child is not especially interested in science and maths, Park Academy West London may not be an ideal school for them. The choice of a secondary school should, as much as possible, be a choice agreed on by both you and your child. They are the ones who will have to attend for up to seven years, after all. From a child’s point of view, at age 11 or so, when many secondary school placements start, effectively choosing their friends for the next few years is likely to be daunting and difficult. If your family has been resident in the same area for many years, it is likely that your son or daughter will know at least some of the other new students, but if you have moved around for work or relationship reasons, they may find themselves in a group of complete strangers for perhaps the first time in their life. Connections made at this time can be forged deep and long, with secondary school classmates becoming either fast friends for life or sworn enemies to be avoided forever more.

Quality of teaching is important, and most children thrive in an environment where they are interested to learn and do not feel the curriculum either bores them or is too complicated to understand. Once they find a subject or a teacher they like, their interest may blossom and they could end up specialising in the subject or even taking it up as a career. An education establishment like Park Academy West London aims to bridge the gap between state school teaching and the fee-paying private and public school system. Offering a balanced and broad curriculum, the Academy aims to allow its students to meet the website name of Park Aspirations.

Accepting students from age 11-18, Park Academy West London is a part of the Aspirations Trust which aims to provide a high standard of education in modern subjects for students of all backgrounds.

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