So you’re planning on popping one of the biggest questions you’ll probably ever ask, but first of all, you have the important task of locating the right engagement ring.

Choosing the right ring is a sentimental symbol of your love, however, selecting a ring which your partner adores will help show them that you do actually take notice of their taste in what they like and wear!

Although choosing the perfect ring may seem like a pretty tricky and daunting job to get right, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

Take a look at these five top tips to help you in your quest of purchasing the perfect ring that your partner won’t be able to resist saying no to.

Do your research

Doing a bit of background research without your partner finding out what you’re up to is a good starting point when looking to buy an engagement ring.

You need to consider what your partner likes, perhaps their character and what jewellery they currently like to wear.

Perhaps your partner wears minimal jewellery, or the jewellery they do wear is understated and simpler in design, if so then you’ll probably want to be looking at a ring which isn’t too over the top or flashy, but rather elegant in a more simplified design.

Yet if your partner loves to make a statement and often wears a variety of different-sized and coloured jewellery then perhaps you can broaden your search criteria.

Take a look through her jewellery box and see what types of things she likes to wear or even ask her friends and family who might be able to help you if you’re feeling stuck.

Update your rock knowledge

If you’ve decided that the diamond is the winning stone for your engagement ring, you’ll probably want to update your knowledge on diamonds so you know what you’re looking for so you get a good deal.

You may have heard of the 4 C’s. This refers to the diamond’s cut, carat, clarity and colour.

Diamonds contain a unique quality called dispersion which refers to the optical property of gemstones and diamonds in particular absorb white light so that flashes of colour appear when they are tilted in the light.

The more you know about what to look out for, the more value for money you’ll be getting therefore touch up your knowledge of the 4 C’s.

Think outside the box

As the well-known saying goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend and there’s no denying that a diamond ring would certainly make an exquisite choice of engagement ring, however, it’s good to bear in mind that this isn’t your only option of engagement ring.

There are lots of alternatives besides diamonds which could be the perfect choice of ring, for instance, why not opt for an item with a number of years to hold to its name such as an antique ring?

Take a look at Laurelle Antique Jewellery specialising in Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco period pieces and witness the amazing beauty of their fabulous wide range of antique rings.

Select a ring with a gemstone that truly symbolises the meaning of your proposal but which also looks magnificent and consider opting for an antique ring with a difference.

Find out her ring size

So you’ve settled on the perfect engagement ring and as you begin to feel relieved that the wait is finally over, you suddenly realise that you have to select a ring size.

Too big and it’ll fall off her finger and potentially even get lost, but too small and you have the awkward danger of ruining the special moment when you get down on one knee.

Don’t panic though as there are plenty of ways to overcome the worry of choosing the wrong-sized ring. The simplest way without her knowing what your plan is is to take one of her rings that you’ve seen her wear to the jewellers and let them measure it.

If you’re feeling particularly brave and know that your partner is a deep sleeper, then gently wrap a piece of string around her finger and make a mark on the connection point which you can then take the jewellers or measure yourself on a ring chart. Check out more ways of finding out your partner’s ring size at WikiHow.

The purchase

Unless you have decided to buy a ring from an antique shop or dealer, then your best bet is to purchase a new ring to head to as many jewellery shops as possible and see what is available.

If you are on a tighter budget then it’s also worth bearing in mind that the peak times for jewellery purchases are before Christmas and Valentine’s, therefore you may be able to get a better deal if you wait until the summer months when the jewellery shops will be a little quieter.

Another tip regarding the purchase of your ring is that although you may have found something online that has taken your fancy, buying the ring without having seen it in the flesh could be risky. Try and enquire as to your options of being able to view the ring or the company’s return policy should you want to return it.

Choosing the right engagement ring is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Therefore, do your homework both in terms of what your partner would like and what you can get for your money and then you’ll easily be on the right track to choosing the right engagement ring!