The trends in men’s designer clothes are often misunderstood. Ask men and they will tell you that they do not follow any fashion trends. However, take a look inside their wardrobes and you will find seventies knitwear, ripped jeans and collar shirts hanging alongside the timeless classics- those are rightly the trends that men still like and follow. Finding the best simmer menswear 2018 trends would not be a tough job for you when you have sources that can help you sort the cool from the crap.

Boating Stripe Single-Breasted Jackets

These are in this spring/summer serving as the perfect items to be carried through this social season. The bold boating stripes on these jackets make them perfect for tennis, polo, garden parties, cricket and river regattas. These jackets speak of semi-canvassed and single-breasted construction with two side vents and patch pockets. The half-lined construction offers great comfort in warm weather conditions. These jackets are simply perfect for the summer months. They look sophisticated and sharp when paired with linen trousers. They also work equally well when paired with chinos or jeans.

Blond Check Trousers

These are bold clothing items for men who want to look stylish and fashionable during the summer months. The fun thing about these trousers is that they are available in different bright colours giving men the scope of adding some colour to their otherwise boring outfits. The blond check trousers are generally available in flat-fronted designs with internal brace buttons and side adjusters. These trousers also feature rear pockets and side pockets for added comfort and design.

Textured Check Jackets

These are standout men’s designer clothes for the summer season. These jackets are available in colourful checks and in superb quality cotton and silk fabric making them a luxurious piece. Their rich textures and bold designs help in making a great statement. In this category, it would be perfect to go for the three-button single-breasted styles that feature two side vents and patch pockets. There are even floral designs available in this category of men’s summer wear. You can even go for the ones that come with working cuffs featuring the two and two-button spacing design.

Double Cuff Shirts

These are exemplary standard shirts that offer a classic fit and are constructed specifically with the objective of offering that bold appearance that is demanded by men. These shirts feature a split back yoke for improved fitting at the shoulders. The side seam and the full cut long tail end in durable gussets for increased comfort and strength. It is also worth noting that these shirts feature extra fabric on their shoulders allowing for additional sleeve length.

Single Cuff Linen Shirts

Linen is one fabric that is never out of fashion and it works really well during the summers. Linen shirts are a major inclusion in the spring/summer collection of men’s designer clothes. Linen is a lightweight and strong fabric that offers a superior look while rendering designs and colours in shirts that are simply stunning.

These are some of the best menswear 2018 trends that fashionable and stylish men should not miss out on this summer season.