House parties can create some of the best memories. House parties can also though create wars with neighbours, destroy friendships and as well destroy your home. So, to achieve the former without realising the latter, here are five essentials to throwing a killer house party.


Before thinking of your guests, think of your neighbours because this really is essential – especially if you are planning a housewarming or moving-in party; the fact is, even if you don’t care much for making friends with the people living either side of you, avoiding making enemies is always a good move.

So, give your neighbours notice if you want to avoid potentially being served yours by heading over a fortnight before the party to warn those living nearest that you will be having people over. Then, even if your neighbours end up hammering on your door, you can say you gave them a fair warning, and request the same respect in return.

Party People

No party is a party at all without party people. So, to avoid the embarrassment of no-shows, make sure to set a date well in advance. As well as providing you with ample time to prepare for your party, setting the date and so sending out invites well ahead of the night will give your would-be guests time to find babysitters, book the day after off work and otherwise clear their calendars. Hence, planning ahead when it comes to invites and people is the best way to ensure a good turnout.


Neighbours sorted, date set and guests invited, there is no excuse not to go all out when getting your music together. So, instead of simply docking that iPod loaded with your favourite playlists and relying on your own humble speakers to do the rest, consider hiring an iPod or laptop party package such as that supplied by the likes of London Speaker Hire.


One of the first house party essentials to be thought of, budgeted for and sorted is almost always the ‘refreshments’. So, you might well figure you have this in hand. After all, you have a crate (or five) of beer, red wine, white wine and a whole assortment of standard spirits with the odd obscure option or cocktail must-haves thrown in, right? Plus, you’re expecting a fair amount of those turning up to do so with alcoholic offerings. But then what if they don’t?

Sure, it is polite house party etiquette to bring a bottle along, but just in case, avoid that mad dash out to the shops by keeping the number of the 24-Hour Off Licence & Booze Delivery handy.

Drunk Proofing

Speaking of booze, with drinking comes ‘the drunks’. To avoid potentially causing arguments and jeopardising friendships over ‘accidentally’ forgetting to invite those you know are most likely to get drunk…and then sick or angry or plain crazy, take the day ahead of the party to drunk-proof the house and to keep your guests and the wider world safe from the possibility of would-be drink drivers.

…And here is how:

  1. Tidy up. Anything left on the stairs, lying about or likely to trip a drunk person up needs moving. As well, creating some space is just plain sensible when you are filling a house full of people, and drunk people who are very likely going to dance whether you provide the space or not.
  2. Box up, hide or otherwise set aside a room or cupboard where all the antiques, breakables and valuables can take shelter.
  3. Buy a bottle of carpet cleaner such as Vanish Powerfoam, which just so happens to prove a rather effective red wine stain remover, as well as removing stains left by dirty footwear, food and um blood…
  4. Take people’s coats as they arrive or designate an area for coats, making sure to pickpocket the car keys of anyone who you think could potentially try to drink drive their way home again.