There is no better way to make a good first impression than with your great jewellery taste, which only takes 27 seconds.

A necklace completes an ensemble. You can express yourself freely and it can give you more self-assurance. Maybe you have a lot of necklaces in your online shopping cart, but you’re not sure how to wear them all.

Sounds recognisable? You’ve come to the right site, so don’t worry. Here are five suggestions for how to wear a necklace.

1. Match Additional Accessories

Before looking at various necklace chain options, be aware that your jewellery should coordinate. Choose a subtle necklace, for instance, if your earrings are prominent pieces. If not, there is a chance that they will clash, making your ensemble look crowded.

2. Think About Your Neckline

Unsure of the proper to wear? The style of your dress will then be determined by the neckline.

Select a lengthy necklace with a pendant if you’re wearing a dress with a plunging neckline. Another option is to wear a locket or a small pendant so you can still see it if you’re wearing a button-up shirt with several buttons open.

3. Choose A Layering Style.

Layered necklaces must be covered in any necklace guide.

Multiple necklaces are a common choice because they go with a variety of outfits. Consider wearing a stacked pearl necklace with a v-shaped neckline if you’re going to a formal function.

Or, if you want a more laid-back appearance, pick a stylish short, medium, and long necklace to wear together. The pendants shouldn’t be too close to one another or they will tangle using this easy stack approach, which goes with the majority of outfits.

4. Know When To Remove Your Necklace

Although not wearing a necklace is sinful, failing to highlight these occasions in our jewellery guide would be negligent. For example, avoid wearing lengthy necklaces when operating machinery since they could snag.

Additionally, you should take off your jewellery before stepping into a hot tub or pool because the chemicals may weaken it. In terms of style, stay away from wearing necklaces if you’re donning a patterned blouse or a thick scarf because they’ll draw attention away from the neckline. Put on your favourite bracelets or earrings instead.

5. Wear a necklace every day.

You probably have a box filled with all different kinds of necklaces, but having one for everyday wear is useful. This is a subdued style that goes with most outfits, making it ideal for the office. If it’s plated, make sure it’s a strong metal because the plating will ultimately peel off.

After reading this post, hopefully, you feel more comfortable wearing a necklace.