Three years ago, I lived in London with my husband, three children, two dogs, and one goldfish. We had decent City jobs but wanted more than the rat race. To teach my kids about nature and animals, I wanted to flee to a fresh-air region. We understood we could only achieve our objective if one of us stayed in London and the other started a family business in the new location, so I was enthused about this trip.

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We started looking for our perfect place in the Surrey countryside – a location near enough to the capital so my husband could commute to work – and sure enough, we found the most beautiful home. Here are our reasons for buying our home and the driving factors behind our move.

Grow Our Own Vegetables

In London, we were ever reliant on grocery deliveries. I felt we had no control over the quality of the fruit and vegetables we were eating, and I felt the amount of junk food advertising at bus shelters, and the like too influenced my kids. I wanted us to get back to basics and grow our own veg, which my kids enjoy. I find they eat more of their meals when they know they’ve helped put them on the table.

Have More Space

Our terraced property in London was lovely indoors, but our garden space wasn’t big enough for the kids and dogs to enjoy. Finding a property with lots of land was an essential requirement in our property search, and our kids were thrilled when they knew they would have acres to roam. Our house is also more spacious indoors, with a lovely farmhouse kitchen and a gorgeous conservatory looking out over the fields.

Keep Animals

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, and finding one was a priority for us. When I think back to my childhood on the farm with my parents, I immediately picture the stables with the rugs, buckets, and hay. My new venture will involve horses, therefore I will be teaching kids how to ride. I’m happy about this because my own children have enjoyed working with horses.

Enjoy More Family Time

We enjoy country weekends. We prefer to shop or see movies in London, but there is so much beautiful land to visit. After my morning riding lessons, we go for a walk or bike ride. Moving to the country has been the finest decision for our family.