On June 29, 1983, Thavana Monalisa was born in the energetic city of San Francisco, California, in the United States. Monalisa was raised in a family steeped in the professional wrestling industry and has a long history in the sport. Solofa F. Fatu Jr., better known as Rikishi in the wrestling community, is her father. With her boys all around her, Monalisa is the only girl among her siblings.

Rikishi, who is regarded as one of the key personalities in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), rose to prominence using that alias. Monalisa is identified as a member of this distinguished wrestling family by her name, thavana monalisa fatu.

Monalisa, the oldest of her five siblings, grew up in a home where wrestling was a way of life rather than just a sport. Nevertheless, Monalisa created her own route by entering the modeling industry and exhibiting her distinct choices and goals, all the while embracing her wrestling history that influenced her upbringing.

Her youth was boosted by the presence of her grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu, who played a key role in her development. Her life felt more familiar because her small circle of friends called her by her nickname, Vana, which they all loved.

Monalisa currently resides with her beloved family in the Los Angeles Bay Area of today. Being the sole child of Rikishi has inevitably made her popular with her family, who adore her dearly.

thavana monalisa fatu has forged her identity as an individual, embracing her own ambitions and aspirations in the modeling industry, despite the shadows of the wrestling world casting their effect.

thavana monalisa fatu’s childhood

The vibrant metropolis of San Francisco, California, USA, is where thavana monalisa fatu was born. Her family has a distinguished history in professional wrestling. Her father, the renowned Solofa A. Fatu Jr., also known by his stage name Rikishi, has made a lasting impression on the professional wrestling world.

Monalisa is the only girl in her family, which makes her stand apart despite having a strong wrestling heritage. She takes great pride in her distinctive heritage. It’s interesting that she decided to go a different route and pursue a modelling career instead.

In terms of her siblings, Monalisa is the oldest of five. The presence of her grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu, who affectionately called her Vana, had an impact on her childhood.

Presently, thavana monalisa fatu lives with her loving family in the picturesque Los Angeles Bay Area. Her unique place in the Fatu family’s affections is further cemented by the fact that she is Rikishi’s only and cherished daughter.

The professional aims of thavana monalisa fatu

A genuine Renaissance woman, Thavana Monalisa is a gifted model, songwriter, and fashion designer. Her path to success is evidence of her unwavering commitment and diligent work ethic.

Though she came from a wrestling-loving family, Thavana boldly forged her own distinctive route in a whole new field. Her early love of fashion and modelling developed into a lifelong interest.

She began her career in the music business in her teens, paving the way for a prosperous future. She was able to showcase her talents and expand her horizons by taking on different projects, such as modelling assignments.

As Thavana continued her studies, her artistic journey broadened to include songwriting, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to artistic expression. She keeps creating an amazing and motivating story with her many talents and unwavering passion for innovation.

Instructional Thavana Monalisa

Thavana Monalisa started her scholastic journey at the elementary school in the neighbourhood, where she learned her first lessons. She later attended Pensacola’s Escambia High School as a result of her educational path.

After completing her elementary school, she enrolled at the University of West Alabama to pursue her college education. Throughout her academic career, she has consistently achieved outstanding results, both in the classroom and on campus.

Monalisa is really unique because of her unwavering dedication to her education. Her unwavering commitment and unwavering focus set her apart from her peers and serve as a bright example. Thavana’s commitment to her studies and career is an inspiration to her, motivating her to keep going forward.


In 2022, Thavana Monalisa will have turned 39 years old because she was born on June 29, 1983. Her early years were spent in Sacramento, a bustling metropolis in central California, USA.

Who is the father of thavana monalisa fatu?

Within the professional wrestling community, Rikishi—whose true name is Solofa A. Fatu Jr.—has a strong following. October 11, 1965 was the start of his expedition. Over the course of two decades, Rikishi made a lasting impression on this sport.

Wrestling fans adored Rikishi for his special fusion of charisma and athleticism. Of all his signature moves, the one that really stuck out was the infamous Stinkface, a move in which he would playfully smother his opponents’ faces with his buttocks.

Rikishi’s influence, meanwhile, went beyond his sly strategies. His regal demeanour and mesmerising performances helped him win multiple championship titles and leave the WWE ring with priceless memories.

With a strong foundation in his Samoan culture and an unwavering talent, Rikishi deservedly earned a spot among the wrestling giants. Being one of the most beloved and unforgettable figures in wrestling history, his presence created an enduring impression.

The impact of Rikishi extended outside the ring. His standing as a well-known wrestler and instructor inspires people even now. His efforts go beyond simple amusement and strike a chord with fans everywhere, solidifying his place in the annals of professional wrestling history.

The mother of thavana monalisa fatu

The mother of Thavana, Talisa Fuavai-Fatu, has a deep and special bond with her famous husband, Solofa Fatu Jr., better known as Rikishi. When they said their vows to each other on July 20, 1985, it was the start of their journey together.

Talisa’s job as a housewife is very noticeable. It’s like she was born knowing how to handle all of her family’s complicated needs. You can feel her sense of duty in the way she handles them.

Being a caring mother is a beautiful way for Talisa to show how loving and kind she really is. The fact that she is so careful shows how much she loves her family. Talisa has become a part of their family through her love and warmth, making the lives of everyone who is lucky enough to be around her better.

Siblings of thavana monalisa fatu

Because thavana monalisa fatu is the only sister of her four siblings, she is very important to them. They love her very much.

Professional athletes Jonathan and Joshua have become well-known. In the wrestling world, they are known as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, respectively. People all over the world know and admire them for how they perform in the ring.

In the wrestling ring, Joseph Fatu is known as Solo Sikora. He has made his own way as a professional fighter. He made a name for himself in both WWE and NXT, and he was the NXT North American Champion once. As a proud part of the prestigious Anoai family, which is known for its history in Samoan wrestling, Joseph adds to the rich history of his family.

Thavana’s other brother, Jeremiah Peniata, has started a journey that includes business and playing goals. He may not be as excited about professional wrestling as you are, but he has chosen his own path and made great progress in many areas. The next generation in Jeremiah’s family is their son, who was born on August 30, 1986. His one-of-a-kind journey continues outside of wrestling, carving out a unique road for himself.

Net Worth

Since she is Rikishi’s daughter, Thavana Monalisa comes from a wrestling family that has made a big impact on the business. The exact amount of Rikishi’s wealth is not known to the public, but it is thought to be around $2 million.

Wrestling has been his main source of income. There’s no question that Rikishi’s successful career and important contributions to sports have helped him get rich.

Because Thavana Monalisa is the child of a famous person, her story is specifically connected to her family’s famous past, which makes her own journey more interesting.

In what kind of relationship does thavana monalisa fatu?

Thavana and her partner Michael Costello are a hot fashion couple, but they’re also a strong pair in general. In 2009, when they were both students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, they started their journey. Their link was instant, and by 2011, they were married, ending their love story for good. thavana monalisa fatu is also proud to have two great children.

Price and his wife Monalisa live in the busy Los Angeles Bay Area with their two kids, Malik and Micah. Fashion can’t stop for this pair. Thavana released her unique clothing line, “House of Fatu,” in 2016. She makes stylish and edgy clothes for women of all sizes that focus on being feminine and unique.

Michael Costello has changed the way famous people dress. His designs are worn by famous people like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga. His fancy clothes show how talented he is and how well he knows what’s in style right now.

But they affect more than just the runway. Fatu and her husband Michael want to make their town better in more ways than one. Through organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and Make-A-Wish Foundation, they use their fame and money to help other people. Their journey shows what they’ve done and how much they want to make the world a better place.

The Fashion Maven talks about thavana monalisa fatu’s move from model to designer.

Are you ready to be amazed by Monalisa’s amazing adventure? From the beautiful scenery in Honolulu, Hawaii, she rules the theatre business. She started modeling when she was 14 years old and has been in Maxim, Esquire, and GQ.

The best part is that big brands want to work with her. People at Nike, Adidas, and Puma are amazed by Monalisa. Besides that! Her “Romeo and Juliet” act when she was 16 years old wowed the crowds.

There are always surprises! Monalisa likes the camera too. You might have seen her on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Hawaii Five-0” or in “The House” and “The Marine5: Battleground.”

Wait, the story keeps going! This media star does good things for her neighborhood. She really believes in the Samoan Legacy Foundation, which gives grants to smart Samoans. She also gave a lot of money to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When Monalisa dies, she wants to leave the world a better place.

Last Words

thavana monalisa fatu is a famous person in the entertainment business. She was born into a wrestling family, but she has bravely forged her own way with energy, creativity, and new ideas.

Thavana felt strong when she accepted her background and who she was. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, she has built her own style with style and ease.

Thavana is very good at designing clothes, singing, and modelling. Her “House of Fatu” line changes the way fashion is done with its edgy styles that show off every woman’s beauty.

Thavana’s kindness shows that she cares about people outside of fame. The fact that she works with the Wounded Warrior Project, Make-A-Wish, and the Samoan Legacy Foundation shows that she wants to make the world a better place.

thavana monalisa fatu’s story is one of strength, creativity, and expressing herself. People will always remember her for encouraging them to follow their dreams and be proud of their stories. In a world full of wrestling giants, she stands for independence and strength, showing that our own legacies are the most important.

A Lot of People Also Ask

What does thavana monalisa fatu do?

A well-known person named thavana monalisa fatu is known for coming from a family with a long history in professional wrestling. She was born into the family of famous wrestler Rikishi (Solofa A. Fatu Jr.), but she has decided to go her own way in modelling and fashion design.

What does thavana monalisa fatu do for a living?

thavana monalisa fatu is a very bright person who has done great things in many creative areas. She makes clothes, writes songs, and is a very good model. Her fashion line, “House of Fatu,” has one-of-a-kind, edgy clothes for women of all types.

Who is thavana monalisa fatu’s brother or sister?

This is Thavana, the only daughter out of her four brothers. Jonathan and Joshua are her brothers. In the wrestling world, they are known as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Joseph Fatu, better known as Solo Sikora, is a professional wrestler who used to be the NXT North American Champion. Jeremiah Peniata has tried his hand at acting and running a business.

What kind of relationships does thavana monalisa fatu have?

Michael Costello and thavana monalisa fatu are getting married soon. The two got married in 2011 after meeting in 2009 at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Masih and Micah are their kids.

What does “House of Fatu” mean?

“House of Fatu” is Thavana Monalisa’s line of clothes. It has trendy and bold designs for women of all sizes that focus on being feminine and unique. The collection shows how much she loves fashion and how she likes to express herself creatively.

What does thavana monalisa fatu do to help people in need?

Thanks, Thavana Michael Costello and Monalisa Fatu both work for charities. A lot of people give to the Wounded Warrior Project and Make-A-Wish. Thavana also gives money to the Samoan Legacy Foundation, which gives scholarships to smart Samoans.