The first thing that strikes the head when we mention the fashion sense of hippies is art. Their fashion is synonymous with a free spirit, unconventional thoughts, comfort, and relaxation. The use of natural fabric and retro prints gives them a unique vibe which became their USP with time. It is not only a fashion style, but it is also the art of life, and they use their clothes to spread their thoughts. Let us dive deeper and learn all about this unique fashion style in detail

History of this Unique Fashion Style

It was in the 18th century that this community got its first mention during the French revolution. The fashion style was associated with art and artistic mindsets. People like writers and artists of those times had an exotic fashion sense which was different from mainstream fashion. That is where it all started.

Voluminous beards, deadlocks, and loose clothing became part of the culture at a later stage. It got combined with vibrant colors, retro designs, and artistically unique accessories, taking the whole fashion stream to a different tangent.

Evolution of this Fashion Statement

Soon more people started to resonate with their ideas, and they got more popular amongst the youth. Soon the hippies took part in the aesthetic movement and raised their voices against corsets and other fashion trends of those times. It resulted in greater acceptance of loosely fit clothes, vibrant colors, and comfort over everything clothing range.

It was then in the early 20th century that mainstream fashion designers talked about this style. They brought different clothing lines inspired by the hippie ideology and made them much more popular. People appreciated and opted for the loose fits, lush floral prints, and calming material, which came as a worldwide exposure to hippie fashion.

What does a Hippie Wardrobe Look Like

If you can feel more connected to this fashion, you should know what a typical hippie wardrobe would consist of. The skyrocketing popularity also gave a challenge; to identify the apt material and design. Some collections are not entirely hippie and have a mix of other styles in them. So as you plan on buying some unique pieces for your wardrobe, make sure that:

  • The fabric is natural, free-flowing, and extremely comfortable.
  • Designs should be artistic, inspired by nature, and calming in all ways.
  • Colors play a significant role in this fashion line. It is not hippie if it is not giving a vibrant look and feel.
  • Fitting should always be loose. Hippie fashion would never relate to a tightly fitted piece of clothing in which you cannot breathe! Get a front-open shrug, loosely fitted pants, and easy-going footwear to complete your wardrobe.

The best way is to understand the culture, read about it and then try their fashion trends. Additionally, choose a reliable seller to make the purchase, ensuring that you get a premium quality product. Moreover, pick a seller that gives assurance of authenticity. Go ahead, shop, and flaunt the unique dressing style