There are a number of signs that homeowners should be aware of which could indicate a blockage or potential problem in your drains. However, here at London Drainage Facilities, we offer drain cleaning in London as an ongoing maintenance service – working to prevent the build up of debris, hair, fat, and grease from turning into a serious issue in your drainage system, and keeping London’s pipe network moving.

With that said, how often do you need a professional drain cleaning service and what are the main benefits of our ongoing maintenance service?

How To Know When You Need A Drain Cleaning Service

For the most part, drain cleaning should be administered once or twice a year ideally at the turn of the season to ensure that changing temperatures and conditions do not damage pipes and drainage network.

A thorough drain cleaning service as part of ongoing maintenance is something that all buildings and properties should invest in regardless of symptoms and potential issues – however, there are some signs to be aware of that a drain cleaning may be overdue. These include slow draining sinks, gurgling sounds in the pipes, bad smells, and a backed up toilet which has trouble flushing. If any of these sound familiar then you may require our drain unblocking service, followed up with a regular drain cleaning contract to ensure that future damage is avoided or minimised.

The Benefits Of Professional Drain Cleaning

When you call in the professionals, not only do your drains get cleaned more efficiently and more effectively, but we also use the latest tools and technologies to inspect the pipes and ensure that there is no potential damage or cracks within the walls of the pipe which could cause issues later down the line.

As part of our drain maintenance service, we flush both internal and external drains to ensure that they are in full operational and working order – not only combatting established build-up but also helping to remove grime and debris which can stick to the inner walls of your pipes and constrict the waterways.

By using the best equipment from within our industry, we can complete jobs quickly which allows us to keep our rates affordable and manage both maintenance jobs and emergency callouts with ease.

What Does Our Drain Cleaning Contract Include?

We pride ourselves on offering clients an end-to-end service which means that once we are finished with one task, we continue to become your go-to for future maintenance and drainage issues or concerns. When you sign up for our maintenance contract, we are here to provide the service you rely on when you need it – and if you decide that you don’t need it, you simply need to let us know.

To ensure that all our clients are well versed in the importance of drain cleaning, we also offer educational resources and advice, empowering you to understand the process and what’s involved in thorough drain cleaning and maintenance.