Crop tops are a popular trend, but many women must figure out how to wear them without attracting unwanted attention.
Luckily, crop tops don’t have to be intimidating, thanks to fashion expert Elisa Taviti’s advice.
Find Your Perfect Fit
It’s all about the proportions of a crop top. When selecting a size, Elisa suggests going for neither tight nor loose. If your crop top is overly snug, it will highlight any problem areas and make you uncomfortable. But an excessively baggy crop top won’t do much in support or concealment.
Find A Happy Medium
To successfully rock a crop top, it’s essential to maintain a sense of proportion. Elisa suggests wearing a crop top with high-waisted trousers like jeans or a skirt to get a proportionate and attractive look. In addition, you can hide any body parts you’d instead not show.
Use Layers Wisely
Wearing a crop top without exposing too much skin might be easy if you know how to layer. Elisa recommends dressing up a simple tank top or button-down shirt by layering it with a crop top. Then, layer a cardigan or blazer over your crop top for a dressier feel.
Accept Variations In Presentation
Try a few different looks by switching up your crop top. Elisa suggests a cropped t-shirt for a laid-back, relaxed vibe or a cropped sweater for warmth and style. For a sexier, more flirtatious look, try a halter-neck or off-the-shoulder crop top.
Believe In Yourself
Ultimately, embracing your inner badass is the secret to rocking that crop top. Elisa suggests that anyone of any size or shape should feel comfortable wearing a crop top. When you’re confident in yourself, it shows in your demeanour, and people take note and respect you.

Finally, with these helpful hints from Elisa Taviti, donning a crop top can be a breeze. Remember the importance of picking the perfect size, maintaining proportion, layering appropriately, embracing various styles, and, most of all, owning your confidence. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to wear a crop top with confidence.