And so, just as tradition dictates, this summer fashion offers us a must that consecrated Britney Spears Baby One More Time. The crop top is a must have this season. From Rihanna Rita Ora, from Beyoncé to the top super Dear Delevingne, to show the belly is not just a craze of the stars, even on the web and the streets intersect women who have been ‘married’ this trend.

Also I have decided to wear a crop top for a night at the club and so I opted to pair it with a midi flowers, both taken from Primark – you know I’m a fan of low cost and you also know that I love riproporvi the fashions of the moment affordable – while as for the shoes, I wore my beloved sandals by Sergio Rossi, bought a year ago to the balances of The Mall. By the way, you’ve never been? And ‘one of the most beautiful outlets throughout Italy, not far from Florence, in my heart of Tuscany. Here you can find many brands of haute couture collections with a few years ago. Going back to ‘”navel in plain sight”, well I have to admit that it is a trend that I’ve always loved, maybe because it reminds me of my 14 years, shout songs on scooters, jeans bell-shaped and the Spice Girls, but I must say than that of the crop top I find it still a ‘very original idea.

Of course with this years fashion has evolved (and thankfully, I might add!), Just remember the very first shirts worn by Madonna in the eighties in the video “Lucky Star” and in the cult movie Flashdance. In the nineties, then the boom has exploded again. This time the pioneer were Christina Aguilera, the aforementioned Britney Spears, but also the mythical All Saints and the Spice Girls. Today this trend comes back again, but this time with some minor revision, and behold so that the most famous designers of the fashion offer in the elegant version, chic and much more sober. In fact, the crop top is paired with high-waisted pants, maybe in the palace, or a midi like this that I wear, which are showing no more than the much-talked navel, but only a small piece of the abdomen, just below the stomach.

Also you can wear a crop top mixandolo to a more sporty-casual clothing such as a suit or a pair of sneakers with wedges. Have you ever tried it? I’m curious to know what you think! On the web, opinions differ, and not a little, and I’m sure that among you there ‘those who love him or hate him. You’ll definitely know which way I am, you instead of what you say, crop top, yes or no? Let me know your opinions dear readers, in the meantime I wish you a very nice day, and I send you many kisses! See you next week!