If you are considering moving house, it may not always be possible to arrange things for your month or season of choice. After all of the back and forwards with solicitors, surveys and estate agents, you may be forced to move during a holiday season or the middle of winter. If you are looking for houses for sale in Loughton and considering a move on or around the Christmas season then here are some things that may be worth taking note of.

Office Closures And Staff Shortages

As Christmas approaches, many of the local firms and businesses will be slowing down, ready for the holidays. If you have anything urgent that needs taking care of, it is advisable to give as much notice as possible in order to ensure that you aren’t waiting until the new year to finalise your affairs. Things such as key cutting and important orders should be easily arranged with enough planning. Be sure to check whether your moving company changes their hours at all during the period of time closest to Christmas. Advance planning and giving the company as many details as possible will also ensure that things run smoothly.

Be Prepared For Winter Weather Issues

Winter weather may be lovely when you don’t have important plans or long trips to make, but it can be a hindrance on some occasions. Checking your local weather reports will help you to plan and prepare for rain, snow or high winds, all of which are possible during winter and could delay your move. Be sure to cover your carpets with dust sheets or plastic in order to prevent them from getting ruined by muddy footprints. The wet weather can bring mud and snow with it and your carpets will certainly suffer, especially if removal companies bring multiple boxes from one house to another in extreme conditions. Many removal companies offer this type of home protection as part of their service, so it is worth checking this when you first enquire.

Friends And Family Availability

The closer it gets to Christmas, the higher the probability that your friends and family will be unavailable to help. Many of us rely heavily on friends and family during a house move, whether that’s for childcare or assisting with the move itself. People tend to plan their family trips in advance, so check in with your friends to see who will be available.

Settling Down Before Christmas Day Celebrations

Last but not least, it is important to consider whether you will be able to complete the move before Christmas. Many people who celebrate Christmas are keen to spend a cosy few days with the decorations up and the house looking its best. Don’t forget to leave yourselves enough time to unpack and create a cosy and welcoming home to enjoy the festive period if you choose to celebrate it. No matter how daunting it may seem, there is usually a way to make your house move stress-free, no matter what the season. So, all that’s left is to enjoy your new home!