The energy problem was solved by 13-year-old max loughan in 2016. He made a $14 gadget that could pull energy out of thin air. Loughan said the gadget changed electromagnetic energy into electrical energy that could be used. He even used the energy from his homemade device to light up a string of LED lights.

Some people said the boy wonder was like Nikola Tesla. Max seemed like a very smart person because he had made a gadget that could get energy from the air. He was asked by a local news reporter who was interested in how much energy a bigger harvester would gather.

The buzz about Max and his gadget, on the other hand, died down. Recently, people on the internet have been worried about Max’s health.

Max and his family live a quiet life since his “invention” didn’t work.

It was said that max loughan was a child genius who would give the world free energy. The teen did interviews and talks, and people were impressed by how hard he worked and how well he knew scientific terms. But there was one problem: his idea didn’t have any big uses.

There isn’t enough “free” electromagnetic energy in the air to make electricity that is useful. ElectroBOOM on YouTube used Max’s theory to do an experiment where he measured the electromagnetic energy in the air with a wire. Less than 1 volt was the most energy that could be found in the air.

“Not enough to power shit,” the voice-over said in the January 24, 2018, recording. Max’s “invention” had been around for almost one hundred years. Loughan made a crystal radio with modern tools. It was a way to communicate that used the power of radio waves to make sound.

Some people said Max’s parents were encouraging him to talk up a device that didn’t work. They also said that the local news station and scientists who spread the word about Max’s idea were to blame because they didn’t test it first.

The boy is getting a lot of attention, as shown by his page on the We Are Family Foundation:

Max wants to improve people’s safety, ability to read and write, and ability to do things that most people take for granted by giving light to people around the world who need it. Max has been asked to speak in four countries and be a judge at the famous World Science Festival in Brisbane. He has also given many talks in the United States.

After his “invention” failed, Loughan lived a quiet life. His most recent post on social media was in April 2020 on Facebook, which said, “I like to build things.” I want to make the world a better place. What else do I want to do?

A TikTok user named Jjemmans looked for Max in late 2022 because they were worried about him. In March 2021, Jjemmans found a picture of Loughan with his family. What the TikToker said:

“I know we don’t have anything from this year, but they’re all staying quiet and not trying to get noticed.” His mom and dad just opened a new business in Nevada, and he’s working on a patent. Their family seems to be doing well. “They’re just hiding on the web.”