Looking for something to do in your leisure time, but you seem to have got bored with everything. You read all of the books from the shelf, there are no good TV series to capture your attention, and you really want to show off your creativity, and put those crafty hands to use. And what kind of skills will be best put to use this season? Let’s see what are some of the most popular crafts everyone will be doing this year.

Do not Throw Anything Away

Recycling might not sound like much of an artistic activity, but with the problems we have put our planet in, we should incorporate green living in whatever we are doing. So this year, make it all about saving the Earth. Whether you are thinking about making yourself some new clothes or putting up a few decorating items in your home, do not go out to buy new material, but work with what you have already got. Take an old pair of jeans, and scissors, and cut them out into adorable pillow sheets, or make yourself a cute little purse. You can also take any old piece of furniture you have up in the attic, freshen it up and give it a new life.

Try Embroidery Work

Embroidery is always the first choice when talking about top craftwork. That colorful thread and minute and clean needlework need pretty good much time of the craftsman. Many UK Embroidery Digitizers are giving their class A services in the Embroidery Digitizing UK field which is cool in appearance, fast in turnaround time, and pocket-friendly as well.   


Even though it seems like an old-ladies work, believe me, in 2015 it is all about that knitting. Because summer is coming and you are in no need of new mittens and a woolen scarf, although you need some tips to look like a diva in summer. It is good that nowadays you can make just about anything, so pick up a pair of needles, and check out a couple of yarn stores online to get material for a light dress, blouse, or a pair of shorts. But you also do not need to stop at clothes, as you can make basically anything, from small phone cases, hair accessories, and pillowcases, to drapes and an enormous woolen rug to match them, covering the whole floor of your room.

All Aboard

When it comes to runways, the navy style seems to have left them a couple of years ago, but the good thing is that it came marching right into our homes. So grab a rope and start making flower baskets, pots, or fruit bowls, but it is also perfect for incorporating some less usual details, to make your home feel more outdoorsy. You can not only tie it around a couple of chairs, tables, or picture frames, but you can also make macramé plant hangers to decorate your walls so that all of your friends would envy your creativity, but also the originality.

Pottery Barn

Probably one of your favorite places to visit, but not this season! Take up a few classes to learn the basics, and soon you will be the master of ceramics. If you think about it, it really takes us to our childhood years, when we played with plasticine making different shapes and sculptures. But why not wake up that little kid that has hidden somewhere deep inside of you? You can start with bowls, pots, and clay bells, and then who knows where your creativity will take you. It is the craft of the future, because it is fun for the entire family, and we all know how little time we have for them these days.

Do not make excuses and say that you are not that handy, as none of these are that hard to master, and you can become an expert in no time. Not only will they relax you and take your mind off your daily worries, but you will also end up with a couple of unique pieces of clothing and decorative items.