when you say the word “tantra,” I think of the singer Sting right away. I know it seems a little strange, but I remember reading in the news that he and his wife were having long sessions of tantric sex. But tantric sex, tantric massage, and all things “tantric” aren’t just about long sessions. It’s about connecting with the deeply spiritual and sensual parts of yourself to improve your health, relax more, and connect with others more fully.

Today, we’re going to talk about tantric massage in particular. We’ll look at how it’s different from other types of massage and what benefits it can offer. Read detail about what is a tantric massage.

what is a tantric massage?

Oxford Languages says that Tantra is a set of secret Hindu and Buddhist texts that goes back to the 7th century. The root of the word means “to weave” or “to balance,” which means that what we think of as Tantra today is bringing together the parts of ourselves that help us find balance and relationship with others.

In the past, people who lived a Tantric lifestyle did things like meditating, doing yoga, chanting mantras, and do spiritual activities like getting massages. Most people today think of it in terms of sex, and while there is a link, there is a lot more to this practice than just sex. Then what does Tantra have to do with massage? How is a tantra massage different from, say, a Thai or Swedish massage?

An all-over body massage called tantric massage works on certain chakras to help move energy around the body and make you feel sexually aroused. To build up waves of energy, the person being massaged needs to be completely relaxed. Because of this, it is the masseur’s job to really connect with the person being massaged and see how they react to their touch. If you want to use that term, it’s the ultimate release—a chance to let go of all your fears, get past negative blocks, and become mentally free and strong.

Tantric massage is different from other types of massage because the massager massages you with their whole body, not just their hands. This can give you more sexual freedom. Just like most other types of massage, one of the main goals of tantric massage is to relax the body, which has many health benefits on its own. Learn more about the art of tantric massage and how it works by reading The Legendary Lover.

Why is getting a tantric massage a good idea?

What other benefits can you get from getting a tantra massage besides possibly getting sexually aroused? Well, one of the main goals of tantric massage, like most other types of massage, is to relax the body, which has many health benefits on its own. Take a look at this lovely bunch:

  • Helps you trust your partner more.
  • Makes you and your partner feel closer.
  • Boosts your sexual endurance.
  • Less stress.
  • Helps you sleep.
  • Helps the brain and immune systems.
  • Lessens pain.
  • Makes you want more.
  • Gives power.
  • Helps you find out what you like.
  • Could clear up mental problems.
  • gets your forces in sync.

There are many different ways to follow the road of tantra, but they all have the same goal: to create a life that is full, happy, healthy, and connected. There is more to this journey than just tantric massage. It can help you become more enlightened in all areas of your life and build strong, important relationships that last.