Wine is much loved around the world and drank at every type of occasion, event, meal and celebration. With so many different types, varietals, combinations and flavours to choose from, wine makes the perfect accompaniment for everything from weddings, birthdays and casual catch-upss with friends to family dinners and cosy nights in.

Online shopping has become the new normal now for almost everything and wine is no different. Here are just some of the many reasons why we believe that you should ditch the limited offerings from the supermarkets and shop, and instead browse and buy wine online.


There are 10,000 different varieties of wine grapes alone which means that you could be missing out by limiting yourself to the small selection available at your local store.

Because online wine stores are not restricted to just a few shelves but rather entire warehouses, they can stock a much wider inventory of wines to sell to their customers.

Take Your Time

In the supermarket or the local off-licence, people don’t tend to have the time to consider what they are buying but merely find the section for the types of wines they usually like and select a bottle that is aesthetically pleasing and the right price. This is not conducive to choosing the best wine and can often lead to disappointing bottles that are of low quality.

When you shop and buy wine online, you have plenty of time to peruse, research and think about what you are buying with no rush or time limit, making it a much more enjoyable and positive experience that tends to yield a much better standard of wine.


In shops, there is rarely a wine expert on hand to help you select the right bottle for your taste and requirements. However, most reputable online wine stores will have the option for you to contact them and ask any questions you may have, seek advice on what might pair well with a certain meal or even make some suggestions based on your wine preferences.

Delivered To Your Door

Nobody wants to be lugging wine around, fussing with those cardboard carriers or securing bottles inside your car boot so they don’t break on the journey. When you purchase your wine from an online retailer, you don’t have to worry about any of this as it’s all conveniently delivered to your home. Most online shops also offer free delivery when you reach a minimum spend amount so it could be worth stocking up or buying ahead of time to get the most out of the delivery.

Check Out The Blog

A lot of good wine websites will have a blog written by one of their experts which can be well worth a read. Here you will likely find some great information, tips, advice and hidden gems that will help you to choose the best wine and maybe even point you to some great offerings from the site.


There are some great deals to be had online and shopping around, looking for sales, offers and discount codes can save you a lot of money.  Some sites offer a certain percentage off your total order when you buy a certain number of bottles or when you sign up to their newsletter so be sure to check before you make a purchase.