An EHIC or the E111 form allows people to get state-provided medical care while temporarily staying in Switzerland and the other countries of the European Economic Area at affordable rates and even free of cost sometimes. EHIC is absolutely free and covers all kinds of treatments that are medically essential until the planned return of an individual home. Treatment is offered in the same way as it would to the resident of that country. The E111 card also covers treatments for pre-existing condition along with regular maternity care. This is possible only when the reason for the visit of an individual is not specifically to seek treatment or to deliver.

The Importance Of Getting A Signed E111

It is important to note that the E111 card does not serve as an alternative to getting travel insurance. The card does not cover private healthcare or medical expenditures. It also does not cover expenses on being flown back to the UK, stolen or lost property and mountain rescue in different ski resorts. The card also does not cover cruises. Therefore, it is necessary for people to possess both private travel insurance and an E111 card prior to making travel plans.

The above-detailed information stands as evidence of the fact that the EHIC is of great importance when travelling to Switzerland or the EEA countries. Still, there are many UK vacationers who plan their trips without getting a duly signed E111 form from their local medical practitioners. You must know that this form is absolutely free and it covers you for all medical expenditures that you need to incur during your stay in a country that is a member of the European Union. Being warned through the E111 does not mean that you are covered for expenses on transfers from your vacation spot to the hospital, return flights and pharmacy expenditures.

E111 for Senior Citizens

There are many people who are of the belief that getting travel insurance for senior citizens is something that is impossible. However, this is not the truth. There are several companies that ensure senior citizens by calculating premiums based on medical treatment and high risks for applicable age. If senior citizens travel to some foreign land their need for getting travel insurance is much more exaggerated. Since the risks involved in foreign travel are higher in comparison to national travel, the plans and policies for foreign travel are duly customised to apply to the specific requirements of individuals. The ones travelling to the countries of the European Economic Area should thus be fully aware of the EHIC

Refund Of Medical Expenditures Through The Use Of E111

The E111 card entitles the holders to medical care by way of the public system if in case they get injured or sick while staying temporarily in Switzerland or in any EEA country. There are states where cardholders might have to make certain payments for the cost of services they receive. These are non-refundable payments. However, cardholders might be entitled to refunds if they are charged because they did not produce a valid E111. Cardholders might also be entitled to refunds if they are charged mistakenly by medical care facilities in the other state.

The level of travelling comfort that is offered by the E111 form is unmatched. You must try and get one if you are travelling to Switzerland or any EEA country.