It seems like each year, around the end of autumn, we all say the same thing: I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already. It sneaks up on us doesn’t it, and we soon find ourselves rushing out to stores or browsing through the world wide web for that special gift.

It can feel as if the pressure to find that perfect gift is doubly hard when buying for the women in our lives. Perhaps it comes as a shock, but buying the right type of shoe is possible and can make not only her Christmas but also her entire year.

Buy an open shoe

Buying an enclosed shoe that also fits properly can be tricky. The best bet is to go for a pair of sandals. That way, they’re more likely to fit well, they can also be used for different events, in different temperatures, and are a more comfortable option. A good pair of sandals can be used for weddings, special events, dancing, or even for casual affairs. They cut down on those nasty blisters too that shoes bring.

Avoid buying leather

Once upon a time, leather straps and soles were the best options for sandals because they were the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. That’s not necessarily the case any more, as more and more companies have begun using modern technology to make their shoes more ergonomic, lighter, and breathable. Being more environmentally conscious means using less leather. Sandals, in particular, fit that cause.

Expensive doesn’t mean quality

Don’t be fooled by brand names and big price tags. You don’t always get what you pay for. As mentioned above, a lot of companies have invested in new technologies that make their shoes better. The right sandal should get you lots of mileage, but after the inevitable wear and tear that occurs, it should be a pair that a cobbler can easily repair for a portion of the price of a new pair. Your local cobbler is still as important today as a hundred years ago.

A colour that goes with everything

The goal is to buy a pair of go-to sandals that can be combined with a multitude of wardrobes. Silver sandals will do the job nicely, as they perfectly compliment the formal wear of most events, they reflect the sun with a shimmer, and they let women paint their toes to add that extra dimension to their outfit. Even in winter, silver sandals will offset the dark colours that tend to be worn in cooler temperatures.

A shoe of all seasons

A nice pair of sandals will be worth their weight in gold–or silver! Whether it’s a New Years party, a summer line-up of weddings, or just that special date night; sandals offer that versatile, radiant, yet simple look that goes with numerous colours and looks.

Better yet, sandals unlike enclosed shoes, can be easily gifted and placed under the Christmas tree for that special someone.

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