Furnishing a bedroom for an elderly person is not an easy task! It is something that requires great thought and smart planning! Apart from looking beautiful, more important is that the room must contain all the items that are needed for an old person. Design Within Reach Coupons help you furnish your grand parent`s room at reasonable prices!

Color Scheme:

The color scheme must be very sober and refreshing. Light and soothing colors must be used that please their eyes.

Safety must be the Priority:

The most important thing to consider while designing an elder`s room is Safety! The bed should be very comfortable and must be wide enough, select a height that will be appropriate for the elders so they can get up from it with ease. The flooring must not contain such rugs and carpets which can cause them to trip over. To view a collection of good quality beds, avail of your Design Within Reach Coupons now.

Lightning and spacing:

The bedroom must not be overcrowded. There should be fewer things and more empty spaces.
A bright and spacious room is liked by elders. There should be a large window that provides good ventilation and daylight. Use your Design Within Reach Coupons to buy beautiful lights which will enhance the beauty of this room. Old aged people mostly have weak eyesight so special consideration should be given to the lighting of this room. Light holders should be placed on the walls in a way that brightens the whole room efficiently. Table lamps should also be placed on the bedside tables.


Usually, elderly people don`t like fancy and stylish furniture. They like wooden furniture having the simplest design. A great variety of all kinds of furniture is available with Design Within Reach Coupons, at affordable prices.

Decorate it with Love:

You should decorate your loved one`s room with special love and care. Hang family photos on the walls, which will make them feel great. Also place their favorite rocking chair or their antique closet in the room, which will create a feeling of affection for their room.