‘Your bedroom is the most important part of your abode that instantly speaks a lot about your personality says an interior designer who prefers getting all her beddings from Julian Charles. Adding a bit of colour to your personality can do wonders that can not only enhance the style statement of the room but also make the same a focal point of your home!

Whether you should experiment with the colours available in the colour palette or should you opt for stylish patterns and prints, we will dive deep into the debate to finally settle for some tips that can help you to brighten up the mood in your bedroom!

Be bold with bold colours!

If you are an outgoing person with an extrovert personality then it is advised to choose the colourful approach for redefining the décor/feel of your bedroom. It is best to experiment with solid colours which can work wonders as a statement maker especially when the wall of your bedroom is painted with neutral colour!

Quirky graphics are never out of fashion!

You are a person who is calm and has an introverted personality that reflects in the neutral outlook of the colour you chose for the bedroom décor. It doesn’t mean that you would have to force yourself to dislike beddings with quirky graphics! Combining dazzling graphics with the neutral colour scheme of your bedroom is enough to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

What about black!?

Technically speaking, black is not a colour but its elegance and ability to create a mysterious atmosphere cannot be ignored, right!? It is a versatile colour that creates a deep visual impact! Do experiment with layering black beddings with other similar coloured accessories to create a bedroom ambience that reflects your mysterious personality!


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