London is the best city for wedding photographers. Why? Because you have the best city in the world to take photos. You could count on natural lights most of the time in addition to the environment, architecture and all the historical places. Not to mention you have the access to the market of “Premium Clients” coming from various parts of the world to London who are ready to spend crazy amount of money just for some Pre-wedding photos.

If we are truly honest, the most difficult parts happens before the product delivery and that’s editing. Spending time on Lightroom, editing wedding photos can be very fun at first, but once you are getting three to five clients a day, it becomes a nightmare. Everyone starts with a passion to deliver quality, and there is not question about that. However, you will likely to lose that passion to edit your photos when the work is piled up. It happens to many photographers and it will soon happen to you when you realise that you have to fight against the delivery time.

A wise principle would suggest that a wedding photographer should not spend too much time onediting but instead use as much time to set up the production properly so that you won’t have too much trouble editing the photos later on. For many photographers, there is a way to fix this issue and that is the use of presets.

Lightroom presets are a set of ‘saved adjustments’ that let’s you quickly cut your editing time by up to 70%. One in particular is the Lightroom presets for wedding made by Mindtrick. It lets you achieve the classic bright and airy looks to your photo in just one click. Here’s a sample of before and after photo; note that there is no additional adjustment being made. The result is achieved just by one click.

Take it as ‘instagram filters’ for Professional photographers. Lightroom Presets have been out there for many years but rarely utilised by photographers. In fact, the demand for Lightroom presets in the United Kingdom has been very low compared to the United States mainly because of the popularity of Lightroom as a photo editing software. Vast majority of photographers in the UK have no idea that these presets exist but they are surely missing out. Being a wedding photographer in London has always been an excitingly easy job as the natural lights, at least most of the time, makes editing process so much easier. With the use of Lightroom Presets, you could take your photos and impress your future clients almost effortlessly.

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