Living as an NRI in London as great as it is, having to take care of issues and legal hassles back in India can be quite a pain. The fact of the matter is that NRI Legal Services in London are important only because you cannot constantly be shuffling back and forth from India to London at the beck and call of a legal matter that needs your attention. Solicitors in London who can offer you guidance and assistance regarding legal issues, hence, can be quite a blessing. Services like helping you with your non-domicile status, managing your bank accounts in India or if you need to set up any trusts, or even if you need to sell any of your assets in India, all of this and more can be made so much easier by solicitors in London, looking after your legal affairs in India, that need addressing.

One of the most common scenarios for NRIs is the consideration of what will happen to their families once they are gone and this is most relevant for them if they have assets in India, while they are settled down in London. This is one of the best cases to understand how NRI legal services in London really come into play, wherein the solicitors can ensure that whatever properties or assets of yours lie in India can end up going to the right people after you’re passing away. All aspects of the inheritance transfer can be taken care of by solicitors in London, who would ensure that from the drafting of the documents to the registration of your will with the authorities concerned — your will is taken care of and eventually disposed of in the right manner as you intended and worried about.

Pindoria Law is also an expert when it comes to NRI services in London regarding transference of property — even if you want to transfer your property in India to someone who is residing in the UK or are considering the opposite of transferring some property you own in the UK to somebody back in India. Our solicitors in London can assist you with all the legal aspects concerning that make sure that any transactions concerning everything ranging from the sale, mortgaging, to lease, gifting, or even your intellectual property of any nature are transferred or taken care of in the manner of your choosing, without being a headache at all for you.

Apart from this if you have any other requirements for NRI Legal Services in London that need to be taken care of, we are here to provide our services and assistance. Even if you require OCI agents in London, who can help you with your OCI Application and eventually obtain an OCI Card, our services stand offered. Apart from this for NRIs who are living in the UK, issues regarding their immigration or Visa, or even if they are looking at eventual repatriation to India or assistance regarding their bank accounts and assets, may involve setting up an offshore account or even with their PAN Cards — our solicitors in London have got that all covered for you in the most efficient manner possible.

The fact of the matter is that legal hassles back in India can be quite a pain to be taking care of if you do not have proper legal assistance. You cannot be traveling every time there is a court summon or a hearing for a case because it is just not feasible and does not really make any sense to do so when you are sitting thousands of miles apart from your country. Thus firms like ours, that provide you with NRI legal services in London can take care of all your legal needs from the comfort of being in the UK and not worrying about what’s happening with your case or requirements back in India.

Our team of solicitors both in India and London can convene on your behalf and make sure you are adequately represented and all your needs are taken care of in the best way possible. Thus, leave all your worries regarding your legal troubles in India can be left in the head of our solicitors in London and you can breathe a sigh of relief and ease.