Experts have proven that your health begins to improve hours after you have had your last cigarette. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, and month that a person spends away from traditional cigarettes can tremendously increase their well-being of someone. Quitting smoking can be a big challenge. Very many smokers have that inward desire to quit smoking, but fighting to smoke is not that easy. There are those who have successfully quit smoking, and there are those who have quit smoking but had a relapse. Over the years health experts have proven that tobacco addiction is among the hardest habits to kick, however; there are now new ways that can make a person give up traditional cigarettes effectively. Millions of people across the world have now switched to vaping and have managed to reclaim their health. In this article, we highlight why vaping is much healthier than traditional smoking.

Using Vape Pens will make you experience an increase in your blood Oxygen levels

A vape pen is short for a vaporizer pen. This is a type of e-cigarette (electronic Cigarette). Electronic cigarettes heat the eLiquid in the e-cigarette at a lower temperature as compared to the burning of a regular traditional cigarette. This is why the term for e-cigarettes is “vaping” and not smoking. Find more information about vape pens here Just hours after you quit smoking, you will experience some increase in your blood oxygen levels. Carbon monoxide is a gas that enters your body every time you inhale tobacco smoke or basically anything that burns. Carbon monoxide is known to rob the body of person oxygen which is one of the most basic gases we as humans need to survive.

The benefit of vaping as compared to smoking is the fact that vaping does not increase any levels of carbon monoxide in your body. The ability of your body to carry oxygen will increase for a person who has switched from traditional cigarettes to vape pens.

Increased Smell and Taste

A person who has been smoking cigarettes for a long time may fail to realize how much his or her sense of taste and smell may have been affected by regular smoking. Experts in health have proven that too much smoking can dull some of your senses such as smell and taste. You can even smell flowers such as roses again and not just figuratively.

Cleaning of Lungs

After a person quits smoking his or her, lungs begin to remove all the crud. An individual’s lungs begin to clean themselves after the action of quitting smoking. There are some brush-like structures known as cilia that are in a person’s lungs. These structures are used by your body to clear mucus and debris in your lungs. For a person who often smokes the cicila in the lungs becomes less mobile and is unable to do its job effectively.  

Unlike traditional smoking using vape pens will not clog up your lungs like this.  After some time when you have switched from smoking to vaping you will probably find it much easier to breathe. Get more information about e-cigarettes and vape pens by visiting the