The world is maturing in its investment decisions. We have come to a time where the role of investments has increased in our lives. People are on the lookout for new alternatives which aren’t just reaping but grow with time. And if you come to terms with assets, one of the growing investment assets around the world is that of liquors.

While there is a huge market for mutual funds, and passion assets like cars, vintage art, etc. – Whiskey and wine collections are undoubtedly the most brewing market of today. Unlike the usual dividends, interests, etc here the focus is on appreciation which is due to happen after a minimum of 5 years. Considering the £5 billion economy of the UK that is based on just the Scotch whisky market, investing in these is indeed one of the best decisions you will make today.

How to begin investing in liquors?

If you have taken the decision to make an investment in this liquid gold and you are a beginner, there is no reason to worry at all. There are Vintners and merchants who guide you with an inherent guide to buy the liquors as an investment. Mostly operating with a business-to-business model, these merchants keep a ready section of investment available for the retail clients too. Therefore through online websites or getting in touch with senior advisors, you can find some of the rare whiskey brews or wine bottles that have high appreciable value in the future.

This obviously makes it crucial for you to have excellent ties with some industry experts who delve into the whiskey business. The investment advisors too will help you plan your portfolio as per your budget and risk undertaking. Therefore ensuring that when you are ready to take a dive into the world of wines and whisky – your investment profile is strong!

Look for the rarest of bottles!

Truth be told, spirit whisky is only gold when it is turned into Scotch whisky by storing it for at least 3 years. And to make it appreciate in value add in more years. The older the Scotch, the higher the price one can expect. The same is the case with single malt Whiskies; they are one of the most outperforming assets leaving behind gold or property prices. In Fact, if you have a single malt whisky aged 10 years or more you are up with a good investment. And if the maturity happens to be more than 25 years – you have a fortune in hand!

When it comes to wines it is the fine wines that are an investment. The spirit wines come with an expiry date which is mostly 3 years. Therefore they aren’t an investment. Fine wines improve as they age older and so do their prices.

And therefore what stands crucial here is to determine the kind of bottles you are investing in. The bottles need to be of the rarest of brews to hold value to you. With the help of advisors and liquor consultants, you can find out the best brews, their source, and their market and then invest in them mindfully. Most of brewers release their limited editions or pre-release bottles which are of significant value in the market. Lookup for the history of the bottles, their preparation per year, and what value it holds today. If you are able to grab an excellently aged bottle of wine or whiskey – well done!

Casks of whisky

Investment in casks is a great option for businesses. These are pretty expensive considering the rarity they hold. And it is best here to trust your consultant with the details and choose your cask for investment. You have to get an advisory service for the cask investment and determine the crucial aspects of the cask which makes it a great investment.

Some of the notable areas of investment in casks include estimating the amount of natural evaporation that will occur with years of aging and the amount of alcohol that exists in the whisky. The Alcohol by Volume or ABV of 40% is considered good by the Scotch whisky regulations to call the whisky a Scotch.

Casks are good investments considering they are bought and sold at the right time. A little delay can decrease the quantity and can be a loss of opportunity.

Closed distilleries

Look up the distilleries that have closed in the past 20 to 30 years. These distilleries have a significant value in the market considering the bottles that might have been produced in the past. If you can find bottles of their product – they are an investment.

Discover the world by tasting events

Wine-tasting and whisky-tasting events are held around the year to connect like-minded individuals to their one love – liquors. These tasting sessions don’t just bring on the glass the finest of collections but collectors too. You can find knowledge about some of the best liquors to collect and meet the collectors and vintners to gain on the idea of investments. Probably the taste will broaden your horizon and make you understand what variety and age of liquor should comprise a good investment.

Storage needs

Wines and whisky both have different storage needs. Both are required to be stored under controlled temperatures and darkness to preserve their goodness. Any fallout in this zone can make the investment unworthy in a minute!

Selling the liquid investments

Most of the liquor investments are sold and bought in auctions held across the world. Here some of the finest collectors and liquor merchants gather to buy and sell their liquor. You can approach for their assistance on business-to-business dealerships or retail sell/buy of the liquors for the best value in the market.

Wine and whisky investment is a market and growth opportunity that people are increasingly adhering to. The rarest of bottles in your hand can bring you the shiniest of fortunes. The need is to keep an eye on the investment you are about to make. In due time your drink turns into gold!