Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. While many clients are motivated by a desire to fix certain tributes, memorial images and words, or meaningful quotes onto their bodies as a part of their being, others are driven by the desire to add something unique and personal to their image but aren’t sure what to get.

The fact is that getting a tattoo is more than just a financial investment, it’s about more than just selecting a design you like at the moment. When you get a permanent tattoo, you are choosing a design that will remain in place for the rest of your life, changing and adapting as your skin and body change over time.

It’s a big decision. This is where temporary tattoo UK creatives come in. Offering a temporary alternative, which allows you to bring your ideal tattoo to life but in an easy-to-remove formula, a temporary tattoo is a great way to trial your run your next great design.

Here are some of the signs that getting a temporary tattoo could be a good idea for you…

You’re Not Sure What Design To Get

If you’re considering a tattoo but aren’t sure what you want to get, you’re stuck between two designs, or you’re not sure how large or detailed you want the design to be, then why not consider a temporary version of the shortlist?

Using a custom design service, temporary tattoo artists can bring to life all your possible and potential designs, so that you can try them for yourself before pinpointing which works best.

You’re Not Sure Where On Your Body To Get The Tattoo

Another common reason behind getting a temporary tattoo is uncertainty around where to position a tattoo and which way to configure or face the tattoo to get maximum effect. A temporary tattoo can help to alleviate tattoo regret, by letting you trial run your perfect design in different locations – getting used to the feel and look of the tattoo on various limbs and areas of your body, and identifying the best spot based on your trial run.

You Want A Tattoo But Not Forever

Of course, you might be reading this and thinking that you’d like a tattoo but only for a short period – perhaps to celebrate a special occasion or to mark a significant milestone. A temporary tattoo is a great way to leave a temporary mark, one which will fade while creating memories that will last.

Some of the most popular requests for temporary tattoos include stag and hen do’s, charity events, corporate occasions, and more. So, don’t be afraid to book your custom temporary tattoo design even if you plan on never making it permanent!

If your tattoo antenna is tingling and you know the time for your next ink is coming, why not try a temporary tattoo first to ensure you get your perfect design and finish? For more information, get in touch with your local design studio.