Residential platform stair lifts are available in varied sizes and shapes. The majority of the varieties like the S7 SR inclined platform stair lift are purpose-built specifically to be used indoors and outdoors. These lifts come with social features that are specific to the requirements of the venue or the home. There are two varieties of platform stair lifts and they are namely vertical and inclined. The vertical ones are also known as porch lifts and they can easily be installed either outside or inside the home. They serve as open elevators. Both these varieties are of good use to people, especially the ones who have mobility issues. Here, we will try and know how these lifts make the lives of people easier.

Give Great Freedom

When mobility is a burden for them, the elderly and others with mobility issues typically have to relocate. Users can avoid the movement by using devices like the S7 SR inclined platform stair lift. Without any restrictions, they can easily enjoy their freedom to use the entire house.


Platform stairlifts open the way for mechanized stair climbing and descending. These elevators include seating arrangements on their platforms that are supplied with buckles to keep the user fastened while moving. Additionally, the majority of these lifts include built-in safety mechanisms that aid in stopping operation in the case that the device encounters any form of impediment while being used to climb or descend steps. When the armrest, footrest, or seat are not in the ideal positions, these built-in elements also provide excellent safety. For the purpose of keeping children in particular from using them, they even feature lock switches.

Wonderful Flexibility

Platform stairlifts are built and intended to be simple to install on practically any kind of stairway. Regardless matter whether their homes have straight or curved staircases, the users can have these lifts attached to them. The best feature of these lifts is that, depending on the aesthetics that homeowners like in their homes, they may be mounted on any side of the stairway. Many manufacturers offer control functions for right- and left-handed users for ease of movement. Additionally, some elevators have remote controls that can be used to go between floors.

Economical and Practical Solutions

If you reside in a two-story structure, installing a platform stair lift is perhaps the best improvement you can make. This is a result of its usefulness, safety, and affordability. Furthermore, by constructing these elevators, you will actually be saving a significant sum of money that would otherwise be needed to hire a senior living facility or to build an additional room for the elderly and the infirm on the lower floors.