Working from home is an activity that many of us have had to be able to adapt to and turn our hand at in recent times. There is a wide range of pros and cons to working from home. In a February 2022 study, 26% of those surveyed claimed they felt they had more distracted working from home compared to working in a traditional office environment. 

Your home office ought to a space that helps you to produce results and deliver at work while working from home. To help you avoid distractions, we have come up with this piece on how to create a home office space that boosts your productivity.


Go minimalist with your decor

We suggest ensuring the home decor arrangements of your home office are as minimalist as possible. For instance, get an ergonomic work desk with extension leaves that won’t take up all the room once the leaves are put back down. Also, make a point not to clutter up your workspace with paper rubbish, food wrappers, and so on. In fact, we suggest putting several small bins around the room and never eating lunch in your home office, take yourself off somewhere else for a well-earned break.

When it comes to lighting, go for a minimalist solution rather than a clunky light fitting. Freestanding light can take up a fair bit of floor space, but you don’t certainly don’t have to get a freestanding light, you can buy a ceiling-hanging light which hovers over your work desk space nicely.


Remove any distractions 

Absolutely anything can distract you when you are working from home, such as pressing home maintenance issues, the television, your games consoles, the other people you live with making noise, social media updates, and plenty more. So, it is a wise idea to try and do all you can to eliminate distractions, this can involve physically removing an item such as a television from your home office, you will only be tempted to watch if its there otherwise.


Block certain websites which may distract you

Certain websites such as news, online games, and social media can provide constant distractions when you are working from home and have an entirely detrimental effect on your productivity. So, put filters on your browser which block particular categories of websites that may provide a distraction to you. 


Paint the walls bright colours

Research shows that colours can greatly affect our mood and emotions. Painting your home office’s walls bright colours such as yellow, light blue, orange, turquoise, and white can make you feel more positive when working from home and help to lift your mood more than darker colours would. 

Working from home at times can, without a doubt, feel lonely. So, we suggest lightening the place up by painting the walls of your home office bright colours.

Allow lots of natural light into the home office during the daytime

Getting plenty of Vitamin D is important for your mental well-being and will help you produce results and stay productive when working from home. So, make sure you let as much natural light into your home office as possible during the daytime. Get blinds fitted that you can easily adjustable when you want to look our the window and get natural sunlight.

It may be the case that you have no window in your home office area. In this case, it is a good idea to get yourself a SAD lamp.


Keep your work paraphernalia well organised

You may have work-specific equipment such as sketching kits if you are in construction or an architect for example, or just general papers and office supplies you need organising. In any case, you don’t want to lose important work-related items due to a lack of care. So, keep your work paraphernalia as neatly organised as possible, you can ensure this with things like lever arch files, plastic wallets, draw dividers, filing systems and so on.


Get your storage right

Another way to create a home office space that boosts your productivity is to get your storage in order, this will make sure you can find things easily and without too much of a hassle. You can do this by getting a workstation with in-built pigeon holes as storage, buying a desk with storage trays, or using wall storage such as hanging baskets and peg boards. 


Alternatively, if you have larger size items or office supplies which won’t fit into your home office, you can hire a self storage unit space. Now Storage Basingstoke are a storage site provider chosen by many businesses and remote working staff year after year, and you will be able to trust them with safely and securely storing your possessions.


Do some soundproofing 

Do you have an energetic family or can your housemates be a bit loud during the day? Maybe your neighbours a prone to being a bit noisy? If so, why not try soundproofing your home office? This can be done by installing soundproofing sheets in your walls. If you are renting and your landlord won’t allow this, try using egg boxes to soundproof your walls.


With a bit more peace and quite thanks to soundproofing, you ought to be able to concentrate and focus better on the tasks and have and be more productive while working from home.