Today’s work ethic often requires long hours and high commitment, even from parents. A nanny can be a real help in these situations. From overnight minding to full time or contracted nannies, Rockmybaby nanny agency is likely to have a nanny to suit. For parents heading abroad for work who want to take familiar staff with them, that’s no problem either. Rockmybaby has suitable nannies who are willing to travel.

Rockmybaby London started through the London founder’s association with the company in Switzerland; when she moved to London a few years ago she opened the branch to bring the Rockmybaby ethos to the UK capital. The company was founded in New Zealand in 2006 and has only grown from there.

No matter a family’s reasons for employing a nanny, there are plenty of opportunities available to those with the right qualifications. The nanny agency will normally help with all stages of the recruitment process in order to ensure that their clients are getting the best matched nanny for their specific needs, and that the position suits the nanny as much as the clients.

Each family is different – and so are the nannies they will require. A nanny may well be expected to undertake housework as well as child care duties, and will be much more a part of the family than a babysitter, as their contract will be longer and their daily involvement much greater. Some nannies may be required to live with the family, while others may only be required for school holidays or certain set hours. Good nanny agencies in London will have a variety of staff available to suit any requirement.

London life is often busy and bustling; there is always something going on. For those residents who are juggling a busy work schedule with a social life and a family, hiring a nanny can be a great help. With today’s international jobs market, parents may well be far away from relatives and extended family who would otherwise have been able to help with child care. Nanny agencies in London understand that, and know that the services of a nanny are essential for the parents. For the child or children, a nanny can be a way to bridge the gap between their parents and strangers in the wider world. They become someone familiar, someone to turn to and learn from. For the nanny themselves, there may be hard times, especially if the child is fussy or needy. But there is also the chance to bond with their charges, have fun, take part in family life and watch the child growing up. A nanny can be a very important part of a young child’s life, especially if circumstances dictate that their parents can’t spend as much time with them as perhaps they would like. That helpful extra pair of hands can easily become so much more.

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