Once you’ve noticed the impact that burnt food stuck to the inside of your oven has on fresh food that you are cooking, warming, or baking, you won’t be able to ignore it – and it’s at this stage that most clients across Essex get in touch to book our oven cleaning service.

Operating across central Essex, our oven cleaning Chelmsford-based professionals visit homes of all shapes and sizes, taking both domestic and commercial ovens apart and restoring them to the former glory they held back before you spilt your casserole or overfilled a cake dish.

But what does a full oven cleaning service actually involve?

The 4 Steps To A Clean Oven

The first step towards your like-new oven sees us arrive at your home or commercial premises, and strip the oven of its removable parts – including all the shelves, the oven door, the back plate, fan blade, and any grill elements and job plates that you also want to include in the cleaning service.

Once all of those components have been removed, we will get to work on the inside of your oven, using a combination of elbow grease and industry leading products which are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable for optimum safety.

In the meantime, the removable components are placed in the purpose-built oven cleaning tank which has been built into the back of the Alpha truck and uses only the finest cleaning materials and products which are both biodegradable and non-toxic. Once washed, each item will be thoroughly rinsed and dried and prepped for immediate use, and the cleaning product will be disposed of safely by us.

The final step sees us reassemble your oven, installing all the different components and getting it ready for use, so that we can leave you with a fully functioning oven that won’t leave you wondering how you can possibly put it back together again.

Why Should You Choose Alpha Over Other Oven Cleaning Service Providers?

As an independent cleaning company, not only do we care about our clients, but we really care about their homes and surroundings. That’s why, prior to any oven clean, we lay ground mats to protect the floors and only use the highest grade eco-friendly products to protect and nurture our environment.

All of the package and cleaning service fees that can be found on our website are 100% of the final cost that you will be charged, with no hidden fees to be aware of.

Finally, as we specialise in oven cleaning across Chelmsford and Essex, we continue to deliver a local service which is revered by local communities. It’s what keeps our customers coming back, and is one of the core reasons why we have so many glowing reviews and testimonials to share on our website.

To book your oven cleaning service today, get in touch directly or visit our website.